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As gas tax hike hits, California House Republicans talk up repeal

California’s gas tax went up by 12 cents a gallon overnight, and state Republicans who opposed the increase were determined not to let that go unnoticed.

Reps. Dana Rohrabacher of Costa Mesa and Darrell Issa of Vista, both vulnerable Republican House members who represent districts in Orange County, reiterated their opposition to the tax hike in separate statements Wednesday.

Issa called the tax increase “misguided” and called for its repeal, and Rohrabacher predicted the “beginning of a new tax revolt.”

“The price we pay to fill our tanks is not so much the cost of gasoline itself — now in abundant supply,” Rohrabacher’s statement read, “but is calculated for the benefit of power-hungry politicians.”

Both of them signed on to a letter last month supporting the repeal of the gas tax increase, which Republicans across the state are hoping will galvanize GOP voters to turn out to the polls in 2018. 

Issa and Rohrabacher weren’t the only Republicans marking the occasion. State Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates said California drivers “are being punished … for a problem they didn’t create.” The California Republican Party and National Republican Congressional Committee both put out statements condemning the looming “Gastaxtrophe” from higher gas prices.

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