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San Diego Pro: Here Are The 5 Winners Who Split $17,500

Photo: Michael Sears San Diego Pro: Here Are The 5 Winners Who Split $17,500 With cash prize on the line big name black belts came out to play at the IBJJF San Diego Pro. Here’s what went down… ​Photo: Michael Sears ​​Photo: Michael Sears Grippo sweeps featherweight prize 2017 world bronze medalist …

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Pink gets the party started at KAABOO Del Mar

Pink sure knows how to throw a party on a Saturday night. I’m comin’ up so you better you better get this party started Get this party started on a Saturday night At KAABOO Del Mar, the 38-year-old singer-songwriter did just that — and did so with energy to spare, …

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San Diego getting along fine without Chargers

Last weekend was the first weekend of our trial separation after approximately 40 years of being faithful. It went better than expected. I read more than usual, watched some tennis on ESPN, and went for a walk with my wife — as my disagreement is with pro-football. I am no …

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Zoo pursues dozens of little-known conservation projects

Near the entrance to the Safari Park is a world map with markers showing where San Diego Zoo Global’s conservation projects are under way. There are more than 140 in 80 countries on six continents. Some involve well-known and much-loved species — giant pandas, African elephants, Sumatran tigers, polar bears …

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