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Football Game Preview: Anderson vs. San Marcos

Keep an eye on the score for this one: both Anderson and San Marcos put up some lofty point totals in their previous games, so things might heat up even more when they play one another this week. Anderson strolled past Akins two weeks ago with points to spare, taking the game 40 – 21. Meanwhile, San Marcos came out on top in a nail-biter against Manor last week, sneaking past 39 – 36.

After a disappointing seven points in the game before, Anderson made sure to put some points up on the board against Akins two weeks ago. Senior Davis Adams had a wowing 322 passing yards passing yards in the victory. Junior Coy Fullmer was in the mix too, providing Anderson with two touchdowns. This also marked the 5th consecutive game in which Fullmer rushed for 100+ yards. The win got Anderson up to 1-7.

As for San Marcos, after a slow start in its last game, it made a splash in the second half by scoring 39 to clinch the victory. The win was the result of a strong comeback effort, with it down by 21 at the end of the half. The victory lifted it to 7-1.

We’ll find out which team can carry over its success and which team inevitably falls when Anderson and San Marcos clash.

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