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Football Game Preview: San Marcos vs. Mission Hills

San Marcos has a real challenge coming up — the hardest it has met all year. This Friday at 7:00 PM, it faces Mission Hills. San Marcos has been tearing up the end zone with big points in its last three contests.

San Marcos has added another blowout to its collection (now totaling five) after its most recent game. It took its game against Mt. Carmel last week by a confident 38 – 7 score.

As for Mission Hills, the margin was closer than expected for it last week, but the end result was the same. It won a game last week that couldn’t get any closer, slipping by Torrey Pines 24 – 23. The outcome was a definite jolt of excitement for Mission Hills after its previous game, where the margin was anything but close.

Their wins bumped San Marcos to 8-1 and Mission Hills to 9-0. Of course, San Marcos and Mission Hills can’t both win again this week, so we’ll learn on Friday which team falters and which extends its success.

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