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Rams Outlook: Todd Gurley is the third-leading rusher in NFL behind Leonard Fournette | Jacksonville News, Sports and Entertainment

Jaguars (3-2) vs. Rams (3-2)

When: 4:05 p.m. Sunday.

Where: EverBank Field.


*Former University of Georgia star Todd Gurley is the third-leading rusher in the NFL with 405 yards on 100 yards. He is averaging 81.0 yards a game and has scored four touchdowns. He was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Month for September after rushing 241 yards on 63 carries and and four touchdowns in three games during the month. He also had 13 catches for 140 yards and two touchdowns.

*The Rams are coming off a 16-10 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 5. They had five turnovers and were held scoreless in the second half after the score was tied at 10 during halftime. Quarterback Jared Goff went 22 of 47 for 288 yards but he was intercepted twice and lost a fumble.

*The Rams offensive line has allowed only 6.0 sacks through the first five games, which is tied for the third fewest sacks allowed in NFL.

*The Rams have the most 25-yard receptions from tight ends in the NFL this season. Tyler Hughes (3) and Gerald Everett (2) have a combined five catches for 25 or more yards. Hughes three catches are tied for the most in the NFL among tight ends with Kansas City’s Travis Kelce, Green Bay’s Michael Bennett, Carolina’s Ed Dickson and Buffalo’s Charles Clay.

*The Rams have scored scored 20 or more points in four of their first five games. And their 30.4 per game scoring average ranks second in the league behind Kansas City’s 32.6 average. The Rams’ 152 points scored ranks second in the league. The Rams scored at least 40 points in two of their first four games.

*After Jacksonville, the Rams will play their next two games on the road against the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants. Following Sunday’s game, they will remain in Jacksonville until Thursday before departing for London to play the Cardinals on Oct. 22.

*The Rams hold a 3-1 all-time series lead against the Jaguars. The two teams have not met since the 2013 when the Rams were based in St. Louis and they won 34-20. The Rams have not lost to the Jaguars since 2009, 23-20.


0: Catches by receiver Sammy Watkins last week against Seattle. It was the first time in 42 games that he failed to catch a pass.

15: Sacks by the Rams, which ranks seventh in the NFL.

60: Points scored by kicker Greg Zuerlein after the first five weeks of the season, which leads the league.

41: Combined tackles by linebacker Mark Barron, which leads the team.



What do you see as the Jaguars’ defensive strengths?

“Their whole defense is good. They’ve got a good player at all 11 spots. When you look across the board, it’s one player after another is a good player and a guy that can make a difference. So you just have to be – like I said, careful with the football. With that being said though, we’re going to continue to do what we do and hopefully run the ball well and throw the ball well and try to be aggressive.”

Do you have a heightened sense of awareness after seeing the Jacksonville defense intercept five passes against Pittsburgh last week?

“Yeah, for sure. They’re leading the league in turnovers for a reason. I think you have to be aware of it and I think one thing it will allow them to be is very confident coming into this game, coming off a game like that. They’re going to come in confident looking to make plays on the ball. Yeah, it’s something to be aware of for sure.”

How can you better protect the football against the Jaguars, who leads the league in interceptions and sacks?

“They are a good defense and have a done a great job creating turnovers this year, so we have to be careful about that. Definitely our goal every game is to protect the football and take care of the ball, but this game’s going to be an emphasis for sure.”



What do you think of the Jaguars’ defense?

“When you watch your guys tape there is excellent effort. You see them leading the league in takeaways, they’ve got speed all over the place. I can’t say enough about the job that Todd Wash has done. They really have great players on all three levels and you can see why this is one of the top defenses in the league.”

Is the combo Jacksonville-London trip a challenge?

“It is a challenge. It’s about making sure we keep our focus and concentration. We’ve got an excellent challenge against a great team in the Jaguars and after that, we’ll worry about Arizona. But right now, we try to keep our focus one day at a time and I think our guys have done a good job at that and just making sure when we do leave, while we can have fun some time, it’s about a business trip and we have a mission to try and accomplish.”

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